Analysera rörelsedata och demografi

Prospect Mapping


Our tools and expertise are based on combining quality-assured data with interactive maps. By integrating various data sources with our cloud-based map tools, we offer a unique opportunity to gain insights, make better decisions, and become more data-driven. Learn more about our data partners here.

Målgruppsanalys och demografi

Comprehensive demographic data

Using SCB data as a starting point, we can easily create a detailed understanding of demographics, purchasing power, education level, housing type, family structure, vehicles, and ethnicity in different areas – and much more. In our map tools, it’s easy to perform a tailored analysis based on your needs.


Movement data from Telia Crowd Insights

Through anonymized and aggregated data from Telia Crowd Insights, we provide you with a unique insight into actual movement patterns and behaviors in society. See how people move in specific geographic areas and gain insight into visit patterns and how it varies depending on the time of day, days of the week, and season. This information is invaluable for understanding consumer behaviors and adapting strategies to better meet the needs of your target group. Read more about Telia Crowd Insights here!


Population forecasts through ongoing construction projects

We use data from Byggfakta and Sverige Bygger to forecast population increases in specific geographic areas. This forms an important part of an establishment analysis and helps you to be at the forefront in identifying new business opportunities.


Property data from Lantmäteriet/Metria

Access detailed information about interesting properties by visualizing data from Lantmäteriet/Metria directly in our mapping tools.


Traffic data from Trafikverket

In our platform, you can easily obtain information on traffic volumes on the roads controlled by Trafikverket. This information is of central importance for establishment analyses, forecasts, and calculations of potential, etc.


Vacant premises, properties, and land from Objektvision

Explore information on vacant premises that match your needs. Our partnership with Objektvision gives you an overview of the market and enables you to identify the best opportunities for expansion and establishment.


Customer databases for specific projects

By combining our data sources with your own customer-specific information, we create a unique context that enables in-depth insights and analyses. This allows you to tailor your strategies and services to exactly what your target group needs.

“Having access to all the data we need through a single partner is incredibly valuable. For us, this means we can work in the same tool when making decisions about new establishments and how to work customer-focused with marketing and assortment, for both new and existing stores.”

- Per Edstam – Expansion Manager City Gross, one of the leading retail chains in Sweden

Data Partners

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Stefan Nordin

VD/CEO, Partner +46 708802793

Simon Adolphson

Business Director +46 737016702

Elin Johansson

Project Leader & GIS-technician +46 723938218

Håkan Hünning

FMCG & Master Data, Partner +46 709821920

Henry Fosselius

GIS-expert, Partner +46 705826495