Bli mer datadriven med Prospect Mappings verktyg

About Our Tools

Prospect Mapping offers powerful tools for everyone working within the retail industry. The foundation of our offerings revolves around the combination of quality-assured data and interactive maps. We assist businesses in making better decisions by becoming more data-driven.


Our tools are used for establishing new stores or restaurants, gaining insights into target audiences, optimizing sales forces and sales districts, finding new customers, segmentation, demographic analysis, identifying the right target groups, prospecting, new customer acquisition, area analysis, and much more. Our tools makes it easy to analyze relevant data and to make quick, precise and data-driven decisions.


In our platform, businesses can visualize market trends, optimize resources, and make data-driven decisions. Our commitment to innovation and strategic decision-making has established strong partnerships with over 100 brands, making us a leading player in data-driven business strategy.

Apoteksregister och butiksregister

Prospect Mapping Master Data provides the right data for better decisions


All our digital tools works hand in hand with quality-assured data. Our database Prospect Mapping Master Data is Sweden’s most comprehensive retail database. The combination of our database with external data sources such as demographic data from SCB, new construction projects, and Telia Crowd Insights gives our customers invaluable insights into market and consumer dynamics.

Our platform is tailored to meet specific industry needs and helps businesses make data-driven decisions, optimize their resources, and improve their competitiveness. Learn more about Prospect Mapping Master Data here.

Säljdistrikt planera och optimera

Optimize your sales districts and find new customers with Sales Action Map

Sales Action Map is the leading tool for field sales planning and routing. Creating balanced and efficient districts based on available resources and specific target groups doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. By classifying and prioritizing a large customer base in a data-driven manner, you will get more out of your sales organization.


Learn more about how you can plan your sales districts with Sales Action Map here.

Etablera ny butik med Site Location Map

Use Site Location Map to find the right locations and target your audience through data-driven establishments

Validate business location decisions through data-driven simulations. Our tool Site Location Map can be used for area analysis and to create scenarios for new establishments. Use the tool to analyze locations for a new FMCG store, restaurant, gym or any kind of consumer destination.

Find your target audience and access demographic data. In the tool, you can also conduct competitive analyses or identify white spots across the market where new business locations have good prospects for success. We also offer the opportunity to conduct analyses through movement data from Telia Crowd Insights. Learn more about Site Location Map here.

Hitta rätt målgrupp

Find your target audience

Find new customers, reach your target audience, and increase your sales with Trade Marketing Map. By combining demographic data with our retail database, we can provide information on which business locations your target audience most probalbly visits. With insights from Trade Marketing Map, you can plan the right activities in specific and relevant areas and consider how purchasing behaviors should reflect your assortment, approach, and marketing in different parts of the Nordic region.

Learn more about how Trade Marketing Map can help you with marketing strategies, target audience analyses, and increasing your sales here.

Analysera rörelsedata och demografi

Analyze movement data and demographics

Understand your consumers and get an understanding on competitors in your area with Local Market Map. With a deeper understanding of your local area, you can find new customers, increase customer loyalty, and get a clear picture on the competition. In our Local Market Map tool, you can easily access information about population, visitors, purchasing power, and other demographic data in areas of interest to you.

In the tool, you can also conduct basic competitive analyses and get information about your competitors’ market share, turnover, potential, and more. Learn more about our Local Market Map tool here.

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