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Prospect Mapping Master Data is Sweden’s most comprehensive retail database. Part of this database consists of our comprehensive retail registers. With current and reliable data on over 80,000 units within retail, we offer a unique access to updated and validated information – tailored to your needs.

Butik och handelsregister

Sweden’s most comprehensive retail register

Retail registers over Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland

Our retail registers contain information about the FMCG trade, service trade, consumer electronics trade, health trade, building trade, and much more. As a customer of ours, you decide which segments are of interest, and you only pay for the data you want. In addition to our comprehensive retail registers in Sweden, we also offer complete registers for groceries and pharmacies in Denmark, Finland, and Norway.


Our retail registers provide access to updated and validated information

In our registers, each entry is carefully named to ensure that a single search generates accurate results without the risk of mixing or the need for more searches. By subscribing to our retail registers, you have continuous access to the right decision-making basis and can quickly act if changes occur in the segments you work within.

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What level of detail do our registers contain?

Our registers have a unique richness in detail. In addition to basic information, they also include information on visit addresses, contact details, geographical data, wholesale affiliation, banking details, chain affiliation, size factors, turnover, and much more. Besides general data, we include industry-specific details such as pharmaceutical licenses, serving licenses, and various size factors.

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Why choose Prospect Mapping’s retail registers?

Quality assured and updated registers

We understand the importance of having access to correct decision-making data. Therefore, our store registers are updated daily through a combination of APIs and manual handling. This means that you always have access to up-to-date and reliable information to support your business decisions.



Our store registers contain information on daily goods, the service trade, the consumer goods trade, the electronics trade, the health trade, the fashion trade and much more. As a customer of ours, you decide for yourself which segments are interesting, and you only pay for the data you want.

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Our retail registers are customizable

Our store registers are flexible and can be tailored to suit your business needs. As a subscriber, you get access to our cloud-based tool to easily filter, sort and find the information you need. With the push of a button, you can also export data or visualize on a map. We also have ready-made API solutions for integration with the leading CRM tools.

Prospecting and finding new customers

The use of our registers gives you an edge by constantly having access to updated and correct information. Easily see what changes are happening in the segments you operate in, and take initiatives as soon as significant changes occur, such as when a store is added, when a store closes, gets a credit freeze or changes ownership.

“We rely completely on Prospect Mapping Master Data when we balance, optimize and build effective sales districts. Working data-driven and creating different scenarios that form the basis for decisions is a very successful way of working.”

- Andreas Österström, National Field Sales Manager at Red Bull Sweden



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