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Plan and optimize sales districts with Sales Action Map

Sales Action Map is a powerful tool for sales planning that enables optimization of sales districts through data-driven insights. It assists sales organizations in structuring and balancing their resources efficiently, simplifies the route planning process, and ensures that each district has optimal conditions to achieve its full potential.


By correctly classifying and prioritizing the customer base, our clients can identify the most valuable opportunities, get more out of their sales force, and thereby increase their sales. The planning tool makes it easy to strategically allocate sales resources. This enhances productivity and sales through more targeted sales efforts and improved efficiency. Sales Action Map is a key component for companies wanting to improve their market position and increase their sales.

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Become more data-driven and streamline your strategic sales efforts


Strategic planning and optimized sales districts

Use Sales Action Map to optimize sales districts and discover new business opportunities. The tool is designed to streamline sales force planning and routing, making district division balanced and efficient, and minimizing time and complexity in the planning process. By balancing sales districts based on available resources and your target group, you increase your efficiency and sales.

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Streamline your sales force and sales district planning

Sales Action Map is the leading tool for structuring and streamlining the work of the sales force. The tool reduces the time and effort required to plan and execute district work and is appreciated by salespeople, sales managers, and executive teams. With our tool, you can quickly and efficiently build new sales districts or adjust for conditions such as parental leave, more or less salespeople, and other circumstances at your company.

Find new customers and prioritize the right sales visits

With Sales Action Map, you can develop and implement your sales strategies. The tool also helps you identify new customers by analyzing demographic data and classifying the customer base based on your conditions. Combine the tool with our analysis tool, Trade Marketing Map, to see exactly how you can reach your specific target group. With an optimized customer base, you increase your chances for growth and improve your sales results.

Säljdistrikt planera och optimera

Sales Action Map gives you unique insights

Analyze potential in new areas

Sales Action Map allows users to analyze and understand the potential in new areas through a combination of demographic data, our retail database, and your unique conditions. By evaluating variables such as population density, purchasing power, and customer supply, companies can identify promising new areas for expansion. See how many potential customers there are in a particular area, and quantify possible reductions or expansion plans.


Sales Action Map supports the recruitment of new salespeople

By analyzing your existing customer base along with our extensive trade database, you can identify attractive areas for you to operate within. Sales Action Map takes into account where your existing salespeople live and can suggest where you should recruit new salespeople or replace existing ones. With this approach, you get resource-efficient sales districts.

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Calculate driving times and optimize sales districts

In our tool, your sales districts can be balanced and optimized through classification, visit planning, and driving times. By using the routing engine in our tool, you can reduce fuel costs, plan your driving routes, and evaluate how, for example, more sparse areas in your districts affect the overall picture.

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Who benefits from Sales Action Map?


Plan sales districts across the Nordics

All companies that work with field sales benefit from our tool, Sales Action Map. We have clients in various industries, including Grocery Retail, Service Trade, and Food Service. We work with some of the largest FMCG companies in the Nordics, and conduct sales district planning in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark.



Salespeople, sales managers, and executive teams appreciate our tool

With the help of our tools, all stakeholders in your sales organization can gain insights and the opportunity to influence the work of optimizing and planning your sales districts. In our tool, it’s easy to export reports by district, including total purchasing power, number of units, potential, driving time, and the like.

”We rely completely on Sales Action Map together with Prospect Mapping Master Data when balancing, optimizing, and building efficient sales districts. Working data-driven and creating various scenarios that form the basis for decisions is a very successful approach.”

Andreas Österström, National Field Sales Manager Red Bull Sweden


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