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Integrated AI in our tools

We are passionate about helping our customers make better decisions. In our opinion, it is largely about enabling our customers to be informed, data-driven and to be able to quickly and easily use the right decision-making basis. That is why we have integrated AI into our tools – so that you can efficiently and easily assimilate analyses, data, insights and conclusions.


We do not claim that our AI functions revolutionize anything – on the contrary, they facilitate a data-driven way of working – thereby enabling better business decisions.

Analysera rörelsedata och demografi

Wide range of uses with our AI tools

Our analysis tools are used for a number of different purposes. With the integration of AI in our tools, we have taken another step in functionality, and both opened up new insights and a more efficient way of working.


Data analysis of optional geographical areas

Analyze everything from specific neighborhoods to municipalities, cities or larger catchment areas. With the help of AI, it is possible to quickly and easily gain access to insights in geographical areas, based on e.g. purchasing power, age, ethnicity or form of residence.


Comparisons between different types of units, concepts, chains and competitors

In our Site Location Map tool, you can let AI analyze the catchment area around the units you are interested in, and get summaries and insights about what distinguishes them and how they differ.

Data och insikter med Prospect Mapping

Analysis of white spots for potential establishment decisions

We already have powerful functions to search for potential or white spots in areas where it might be interesting to establish a new unit. With the help of our AI tools, you can easily gain insights into how the various potential establishments differ from each other, and which locations may be most suitable for your particular business.


Analysis of high-performing units versus low-performing ones

In our tools, you can have AI analyze how the coverage areas differ between high-performing units versus low-performing ones. What are the differences in the results due to and what measures need to be taken?


Target group presence in specific areas

With the help of AI analysis on demographic data, you can easily find out what percentage of the residents in a certain area belong to your target group.

A selection of our customers


“Getting access to all the data we need through one and the same partner is incredibly valuable. For us, this means that we can work in one tool when we have to make decisions about new establishments and how to work customer-focused with marketing and assortment, both regarding new and existing stores”

Per Edstam, Expansion Manager at City Gross