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Our mission is to make commerce and its suppliers more efficient and data-driven. Our services are used by some of the largest brands in the Nordic countries, and we are proud to serve over 100 customers.


What we do

Our tools and expertise are based on combining quality-assured data with interactive maps. In our cloud-based platform, it’s easy to visualize data and work in a map and/or table environment to identify where business opportunities, potential, and target groups exist.


How we work

We offer a unique combination of data and powerful map tools. In our platform, relevant data and documentation are analyzed for quick and precise decisions. We provide tools for establishment, analysis, target group insights, prospecting, and optimization of sales forces and sales districts.


Selected customers

Bli mer datadriven med Prospect Mapping

Make better decisions with the right data


Our large data set combined with our cloud platform enable the creation of valuable insights and better decisions for your business. The foundation of our data set is Sweden’s largest retail database, Prospect Mapping Master Data. We update our data daily both manually and through APIs.


In our tools, in addition to our retail database, we have integrated external data sources such as SCB (Statistics Sweden), Telia, and data from the Swedish Transport Administration. Our customers also have the opportunity to add customer-specific data to our tools to put it in the right context and make insightful analyses. In our platform, our customers have access to the exact data they need.

Our dataset includes:

– Sweden’s largest retail database

– Comprehensive demographics data

– Movement data from Telia Crowd Insights

– Population forecasts through upcoming construction projects

– Property data from the Swedish Land Registration Authority/Metria

– Traffic data from the Swedish Transport Administration

– Available premises, properties, and land from Objektvision

“Having access to all the data we need through a single partner is incredibly valuable. For us, this means that we can work in the same tool when making decisions about new establishments and how to work customer-focused with marketing and assortment, for both new and existing stores.”

Per Edstam, Expansion Manager at City Gross, one of Sweden's largest grocery chains.

Our tools

Effektivisera säljkår och säljdistrikt

We create the possibility of a data-driven approach

Leveraging the potential in both internal and external data is, in our view, crucial for successful business operations. With the help of our tools, our customers become more data-driven. There are many advantages to working in a data-driven way.

Better decision-making

Data-driven companies use validated information to make well-informed decisions. This reduces guesses and subjectivity.

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Increased sales and productivity

By working in a data-driven manner, our customers can streamline their processes and improve their priorities. This leads to increased productivity and higher sales.

Improved customer understanding and service

Data help companies to better understanding of their customers’ behaviors and needs. It enables tailored solutions and improved service.

Innovation and competitive advantages

By effectively leveraging data, our customers can quickly identify new market trends and adapt accordingly.

Telia Crowd Insights Prospect Mapping

The combination of data and maps provides unique insights

The combination of data and cloud-based mapping tools that Prospect Mapping offers enables the creation of unique insights. The tools also facilitate communication and collaboration, which is crucial for strategic business development.


Maps put data in the right context

Our maps provide a visual and geographical context to the data, making it easier to understand and analyze complex situations. When data is presented on a map, geographical patterns, trends, and relationships become clearer, which can be difficult to perceive through traditional database tables or text-based reports.

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Multiple layers of data in one place

Our mapping tools allow us to integrate different types of data – our own trade database, external data such as demographic information, movement data, traffic flows, and much more. This multidimensional data analysis leads to deeper insights and more robust conclusions.

Interactive and communicative

In our tools, users can zoom in on specific areas and filter data based on various parameters, providing a dynamic and user-centered experience. Maps are also a powerful tool for communicating complex information in an easily understandable way. They can be used to effectively share insights with team members, stakeholders, and customers.

Analysera rörelsedata och demografi

We are the right partner for you

Prospect Mapping has for over ten years helped Swedish companies make better decisions, become more data-driven, and reach their full potential. We work closely with our customers, have an open mindset, and an endless curiosity and drive for development. We believe this approach is one of the reasons why we are growing quickly and today help over a hundred customers across the Nordic region.

Experience from the retail sector

Our team has experience from various parts of the retail sector, which means we understand our customers’ reality and how we and our tools can make the best difference.

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Active across the Nordic region

Having started our operations in Sweden, we now have both data and tools that our customers can also use in Norway, Finland, and Denmark.

Flexible and responsive

We are agile, flexible, and responsive, always prioritizing our customers’ needs. This means we tailor both our tools and our services to our customers’ unique conditions.

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“We rely completely on the tool Sales Action Map together with Prospect Mapping Master Data when we balance, optimize, and build efficient sales districts. Working data-driven and creating different scenarios that form the basis for decisions is a very successful approach.”

Andreas Österström, National Field Sales Manager Red Bull Sweden

Our data partners

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Simon Adolphson

Business Director +46 737016702 simon.adolphson@prospectmapping.se

Håkan Hünning

FMCG & Master Data, Partner +46 709821920 hakan.hunning@prospectmapping.se

Henry Fosselius

GIS-expert, Partner +46 705826495 henry.fosselius@prospectmapping.se

Elin Johansson

Project Leader & GIS-technician +46 723938218 elin.johansson@prospectmapping.se

Per Ågren

Systems Development, Partner +46 730787061 per.agren@prospectmapping.se

Håkan Rörstad

System – Infrastructure, Partner +46 707733343 hakan.rorstad@prospectmapping.se