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Work data-driven and find your target audiences

Trade Marketing Map is an innovative tool designed to enhance our clients’ marketing planning and target audience analysis. The tool offers a unique opportunity to analyze movement patterns, find target audiences, and understand which commercial locations they visit. With Trade Marketing Map, you can accurately plan and execute marketing activities, determine assortments, and tailor sales efforts based on the presence of target groups in relation to stores, restaurants, shopping centers, and much more.

Analyze and accurately target your audience

With Trade Marketing Map, companies can effectively design marketing strategies and sales plans that hit the exact target audience they seek. You can easily determine which business units your target audience visits – for example, all stores that have the most families with children within walking distance, or where homeowners travel to buy groceries. The tool enables detailed insights into target groups’ behaviors and characteristics, leading to more accurate and cost-effective marketing efforts.

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You provide the questions – Trade Marketing Map provides the answers

Make better decisions in marketing, sales, and much more

Our customers use the tool in many different ways. You might wonder where the most affluent families in Sweden are located, or around which stores the highest number of dog owners live? How have movement patterns changed in your municipality lately, and where do people stop to eat? You might need to provide your sales force with data on which units they should target for the greatest sales effect? Or data to facilitate sales pitches?

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Would it help to have a ranked list of service stores with the most children nearby? Do you need to decide on the assortment for your new store based on demographic and movement data? Or perhaps you’re wondering how travel between Stockholm’s inner city and the outer suburbs has changed in recent years? Which sand beach in Sweden is visited the most, or has lost the most visitors? With Trade Marketing Map, the possibilities are endless when it comes to producing answers to exactly what can help your business.

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Analyze movement changes and demographic data

Huge potential in a data-driven approach

Trade Marketing Map is not only a powerful tool for identifying target audiences and planning geographically targeted marketing efforts; it’s also a resource for analyzing movement changes and demographic data. With Trade Marketing Map, businesses can track and understand how movement patterns change over time. The ability to trace and interpret demographic trends and movement patterns is crucial for adapting marketing strategies and ensuring they remain relevant and effective in a constantly changing world.

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Who benefits from Trade Marketing Map?

All businesses engaged in target audience-oriented marketing and sales can benefit from Trade Marketing Map. Whether it’s retail, the service industry, the Food Service sector, or other markets, this tool provides valuable insights to optimize marketing strategies and improve customer engagement.

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A combination of data sources provides unique insights

Integrated into Trade Marketing Map are several data sources. The base of our dataset is Sweden’s largest retail database, Prospect Mapping Master Data. To create insights about target groups and movement patterns, we have also integrated data from some of our data partners.


Sweden’s largest retail database – Prospect Mapping Master Data

Prospect Mapping Master Data is Sweden’s largest retail database. We have data on restaurants, service stores, grocery retail, health specialty retail, building materials retail, and much more. By combining target group and movement analysis in relation to actual business units, valuable insights are created. Learn more about this unique database here.

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Comprehensive SCB data

Based on SCB data, it’s easy to create a detailed understanding of demographics, purchasing power, education level, housing type, family structure, vehicles, ethnicity in different areas – and much more.

Movement data from Telia Crowd Insights

Through anonymized and aggregated data from Telia Crowd Insights, we give you a unique insight into actual movement patterns and behaviors in society. See how people move in specific geographic areas and gain insight into visit patterns and how it varies depending on the time of day, days of the week, and season. This information is invaluable for understanding consumer behaviors and adapting strategies to better meet your target group’s needs.

“Having access to all the data we need through a single partner is incredibly valuable. For us, this means that we can work in the same tool when making decisions about new establishments and how to work customer-focused with marketing and assortment, for both new and existing stores.”

Per Edstam, Expansion Manager at City Gross, one of Sweden’s leading retail chains.


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